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Thanks to the Signal for their story on my book!  (September 8 digital, print September 17, 2021) I had a lot of fun talking about it with them.

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The 80s and 90s

Elite Magazine Santa Clarita

Elite Magazine Santa Clarita did a story about the book for its August/September issue.  

Check it out on page 56.    

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The Nostalgic Front Podcast

These guys are great!  They talk about all things retro including movies, music, and video games.
Check them out (as well as a plug about my book in Episode 016 -  The Last Starfighter - 1984) at  

The Waterbury Republican American Newspaper, July 4, 2021

ChroniclesRepAm2021Jul4sm.jpg featured a piece on The Oxford Chronicles on 6-22-21

Simply Eighties:

Simply Eighties ( listed TOC in its site in the books section! 

Check it out at:

Amazon Reviews

22 Five Star Reviews!

"Collin Fowler's 80s kung fu is strong..."  (Five stars)

"If you are looking for a fun read, I highly recommend The Oxford Chronicles!"  (Five stars)

"This book is so well-written, it will resonate with anyone who walked the halls of a high school in the 80s." (Five stars)

"You'll laugh - and you'll cringe." (Five stars)

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