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The Oxford Chronicles



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Catch my latest interview on the 
GenX Voice Podcast

Host Trish the Dish was kind enough to talk with me about growing up in the 80s, my fear of metalheads, and how the John Hughes movies brought out the worst in me and my friends. 
We had a great time and I think it's worth a listen!
Click on the link below and check it out!

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Hosted by Trish the Dish, GenX Voice is a place where we try to bridge two opposing generations while celebrating a generation in between that has been ignored. This is where their stories come to light and show that we aren’t a bunch of Karens…

New episodes every Tuesday.
Available on IOS and Android.


The Oxford Chronicles

The Oxford Chronicles is a "fictional" account of my high school years in the mid-80s. This is the story about a pack of nerd delinquents who attend a private high school in Connecticut. Think of it as a cross between Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Stand By Me.

It sums up teen life in the 80s perfectly. That is, if your idea of the 80s includes exploding possums, head-bangers, almost going to jail at your first high school dance, car crashes, stun guns, being chased through the woods in nothing but a pair of tighty-whities, peckertracks, computer hacking, and mooning your mother.

This was a time before smart phones and the internet. When you left your house, your parents had to trust that you weren't doing anything too stupid. 


Basically, it's all about what the dorks were doing while everyone else was busy ignoring them.

Our Heroes aka "The Oxford Shit Kickers"


The group leader. The guy who makes things happen. Adults love him and kids want to be him. A future president, or - more likely - dictator of a small South American Country.


The narrator. The guy who never wants to be where he actually is. He doesn't want to live in the small dairy farming town of Oxford, Connecticut. He doesn't want to be the Invisible Man of his high school. And he definitely doesn't want to be known as one of "The Oxford Shit Kickers."


A criminal mastermind in training. He is short and muscular, with a shaved head, a unibrow, and a bad teenage mustache. An accomplished arsonist and knife collector, Trevor is the guy who you can always count on to turn any innocent prank into a potential felony.


Not your average private high school student. A proud, card-carrying member of MENSA, Franky is smarter than most of his peers and doesn't let anyone forget it. Add to this, Franky's complete lack of a verbal filter and you have a constant source of amusement for the other guys in his group.

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Collin Fowler was born in New Milford, Connecticut with a hernia and webbed toes. Shortly after, his family moved to Florida where he spent his days frolicking in the Gulf of Mexico and dreaming of becoming the next big thing - whatever that might be. The unimaginable occurred when his parents decided to return to Connecticut and eventually enrolled him in a private Catholic high school. Having survived these events, he went on to graduate from college with a B.A. in English Literature, got married, moved to Los Angeles, and had a son. These days, he spends most of his time yelling back and forth to his wife across the house and watching the Discovery Channel.


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